Berchi is a feminine Amharic word used to congratulate, boost courage & comfort others. 

Berchi is a rich word rooted in practically every scenario of daily life in Ethiopia. Its positive strength is reason for its selection as a name for an initiative that goes by the same name.

The Berchi initiative (or simply Berchi) seeks to bolster young women’s education at university level based on a strong premise that everyone is a winner, and even more so, the thousands of young Ethiopian young women who enter into tertiary level education each year.

University however, is more than maintaining a 3.0+ grade point average. Experiential learning is as much foundation for success in life as what is learned in the classroom. This is where Berchi comes in.

Berchi creates opportunities for knowledge acquisition through mentorship, meet & greet events, providing guidance (information access) and supporting students’ exposure to diverse learning platforms in close partnership with public institutions of learning.

Berchi understands the phrase ‘it takes two to tango‘ – hence encourages and applauds support from men who contribute to its cause(s).

Berchi‘s purpose is enriched by a network of profoundly dedicated, vibrant young volunteers.


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