Berchi as a word serves this initiative great inspiration.

Beyond all of that however; the energy and comfort it brings – faces, commitments, aspirations and passions behind Berchi fuel its very existence.

2015 is a turning point in global development and our collective well-being.

Africa is joined by countries of the Americas (north and south), Asia, Europe, and so forth in crafting a new blueprint for ‘sustainable and inclusive’ development – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There have been greater calls for youth participation. Girl’s and women’s issues also fall at the center of this new development agenda.

About a month from today, Addis Ababa will host the ‘Third International Conference on Financing for Development’ (#FFD3). With this, the world will know about resources going into financing the next global phase of development (2015-2030).

Youth, girls and women are big stakeholders in this process.

Children stop by a women's cooperative in Benishangul-Gumuz region on the way home from school. (Ethiopia)

So what else inspires Berchi?

  1. Addis Ababa University

To Berchi Africa, Addis Ababa University is home. This is why we love the university’s commitment to the education of its young female students.  The University has set out to take on a

‘… major role and responsibility to alleviate challenges affecting educational success of female students, and its intervention should have comprehensive nature… eliminating barriers on academic, social, psychological and economic situation.’

  1. Agenda 2063

The African Union Commission also has set some priorities for meeting the needs of the people of Africa:

‘Agenda 2063 is an approach to how the continent should effectively learn from the lessons of the past, build on the progress now underway and strategically exploit all possible opportunities available in the immediate and medium term, so as to ensure positive socioeconomic transformation within the next 50 years.’

  1. Decade of Girls and Women Empowerment

Another commitment on this continent involves empowering girls and women –

‘The objective of the African Women’s Decade is to re-invigorate commitments to accelerated implementation of agreed global and regional commitments of gender equality and women empowerment (GEWE).’

  1. SDGs

For the period 2015-2030, the United Nations brings forth SDGs:

‘Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.’


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